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Web Design & Development with CodeIgniter

In this course, we're using the CodeIgniter, which is the best and most famous MVC Framework based on PHP.

Web Design & Development


  • 1) An understanding of Web Development and PHP.
  • 2) Notes and Note Sheets.
  • 3) A Computer with internet access.

Why choose this course

  • 1) The best thing in the CodeIgniter is, it's super secure, super fast, and very easy to use.
  • 2) You don't need to HTMLize your forms anymore.
  • 3) We also now have three things to manages your codes, Model, View and the controller! There is also no No SQL injection anymore and no loop whole anymore!
  • 4) With the right mindset, understanding, and application of the teachings in this course, you will instantly begin to move towards Using and Mastering CodeIgniter!
  • 5) Unlike other PHP frameworks, CI works with both PHP 4 and 5. That makes the lives of someone like me who has to be able to work seamlessly between the two environments much easier.
  • 6) CI allows you to implement as much or as little security as you feel is necessary for your app. It does some things by default like unsetting all global variables regardless of PHPs register_globals directive and turning off the magic_quotes_runtime directive during system initialization so that you don’t have to remove slashes when retrieving data from your database. Other things can be enabled like cookie encryption, handling session data with a database and automatically escaping SQL queries.